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Auditing adds value to your company

We act as long-term partners to our clients. This way we become familiar with your company's functions, processes and people and are able to perform audits efficiently and fluently.

Auditing increases your business partner's confidence in your company and also enables investors, banks and authorities better rely on your company's financial figures.

As our client you will always have direct contact to your auditor.
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Lauri Korpisen katu 8 A
01370 Vantaa

+358 10 418 1550

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MGI Audit Oy Ltd is part of MGI Global Network, which has hundreds of offices worldwide.

Proud member of MGI

We are a member of the international MGI network with close relations to, not only Scandinavia and the Nordics, but to member companies all over the world. Benefit from our extensive experience and let us help you to establish and grow your business in Finland.

Audit in Finland

Our aim with an audit in Finland is to add value. We pride ourselves on delivering flexible and cost effective audits to our clients. Our independent auditors will follow your company¬´s development for several years, leading to a great understanding of your processes, prerequisites, and aims.

Our quality certified audits mean our clients have more credibility regarding economy, organization standards and fulfilled law requirements when contacting banks, suppliers, customers and authorities. A complete audit often makes accessing credit easier, leads to lower credit costs and better financial conditions.